Room on The Broom



Zestful, animated children's story featuring a cowardly Welsh dragon, a friendly witch, and a Cockney dog.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


British (General)


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the dragon drew back and he started to shake. I'm sorry. He splattered. I made a mistake. It is nice to have met you. But now I must fly. And he spread out his wings and was off through the sky. Then down through the bird and down jumped the frog down climbed the cat and few said the dog and thank you. Oh, thank you. The Grateful which cried without you I'd be in that dragon's inside. Then she filled up her cauldron and said with a grin, Find something, everyone throw something in So the frog found a lily. The cat found a cone. The bird found a twig and the dog found a bone. They threw them all in on the witch Stirred them Well, on while she was stirring, she muttered a spell Diggity diggity Jagger t zoom out Rose A truly magnificent broom