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Hi, I'm good evening. Welcome to tonight's session. I just like to see Thanks once more to all my subscribers who have subscribed so far to the channel for those who may come in, such as what you want as well as Mr Thompson. Thank you so much. I'm very appreciative. I'd also like to talk about one special person who also commented and gave the show her liking. Thank you so much. And um All right, so, we are in the season to be jolly la la la la la la la la la. Uh yes, it's that time of the year again when the holidays here, they make our spirits bright. What fun. So, just really in the steven turn it is to ride everyone or self enslaved, jingle bells, jingle bells getting along the way. Fire is to ride in a one horse. Self enslaved. All right, so, we know what season we're in and we acknowledge a season. And so we made an introductory song. Just remind ourselves of the moment that we're in. But tonight we want to focus on the topic. You're worth it. Yeah, Yes, you are worth it. A lot of persons often forget that they're wordage, not only that they often give in when it becomes difficult and lose out on the fact that they're worth it. They often time put aside things to be done because they think they are no longer able to do them forgetting that they are of course worth it. So, we want to take on such a topic To realign persons of the fact that they're worth it a lot of times when circumstances comes to individuals And they might be saying why this one is like a category six hurricane, Not even a category five or 6 because of the impacts and extremities that they have to go through our or went through. And there are certain times as well when there are so many beautiful plans being made that they want to see come to fruition. But something happened and the plans seem as if they are no longer able to be done or they have no longer thought about those particular plans because of circumstances. However you're worth it. You're worth it to have the plans that you had. You are worth it to take them up again. You're worth it to believe in whatever plans you have for yourself and you're worth it to actually have them come true. The thing is that yes, it is that circumstances might be seen to you know that you cannot have it or circumstances might be saying to you know, it's not possible or circumstances might be saying to you know, it really doesn't seem like it's any worth to have those plans in place. But it is worth having such plans in place and it's because you are worth it. Always remember that you are worth it. And that's why you would have had those plans put out planned out for you in the first place. Alright, so let us look at some of the errors within which you're worth it. You're worth it to have a quote paying job. You're worth it to have a wonderful home, You're worth it to have the different dream cars that you might be thinking of. You're worth it to have the desire of a good family, You're worth it to have all the things that are good in life and that's the true worth. What I'm trying to counteract by bringing up this topic is you don't want to get into a mind set that makes you believe that accomplishments are not possible, a mindset that makes you believe that it's no longer worth it or you're no longer worth it because sometimes what happens is we forget the true worth that. We are worth it. And so we do not spend enough time taking care of ourselves, spending of time putting on the different motivations doing are different facial masks and facial care and so forth, taking care of ourselves otherwise as well, whether you know, a sleep area or eating era and so forth, and so on. Also, sometimes we strategically to say, I want this type of particular family, I want a family were in, I can openly talk about discussions, I can openly just call, um someone to say, all right, this is what is happening now and I just wanted to share it with you and so forth, and so on. And because we don't see coming true, we believe that it's no longer worth it. But you're worth it. It's still worth it to have such a family structure. And that would start by you First and foremost, taking onto yourself to create such a bonding relationships. Oh and call to create bonds. You're going to be what zapping to create bonds. And you're going to be communicating more to create those bonds. That openness can be developed. Say for instance, you're at work 24/7. So you know that communication is not at home, you're on the road or wherever it is you are, you have to use those media that I that you would have desired to help. And then you have to also develop it when you reach home to utilize it to ask, how was your day? How was school today? What did you do if it were the Children? What did your teacher say it or the partner? What exactly occurred in a day that either you liked or even Children. You're working to have a table environment within which you can control lead and also inform as well as instruct as a leader and you can also express yourself and be that person of worth that you desire to be and be that worth that you're worth because you're worth it. Alright at this time we're just sending another reminder about subscribing to the channel. Also a reminder about giving likes to the sessions. Also a reminder about watching this session again even after the broadcast and a reminder about sharing, sharing the link with someone else that would like to hear a discussion like this to find out or to be reminded that they're worth it. You're worth it. And no matter what obstacles are as stated, you're worth it. No matter the category of whether your hurricane or your storm, whatever you want to call them. But you been experiencing our experience, you're worth it. So you have to be reminded about these as said, this is just another reminder that you must also tell a friend took tune into the channel, watch the discussions and find some value for themselves in the areas that are looked at to our value to their life. Most times persons forget that they're worth it. Most times people start to evaluate our my worth it. Is this even worth it. Yes, you're worth it. And yes, it is worth it. So be reminded once more about your worth, right? And likewise as well, when you go through a lot, know what you got, when you go through a lot. It's a lot that you've got while you go through the lot and that lot should not become a determinant of your words. You're worth it to have the desires that so rightfully want to have. You're worth it to have them accomplish and come through and you're worth it to finally see them to future sean and to say yes, I have done it. I actually actualize and acted upon all the things that I thought I was worth and I accomplished them and I'm worth it and it was worth it. There are many times when obstacles will come and that's what I call the category six or the storms or whatever you want to call them the lot that you go through. However there are there as well to make you know how much you're worth is, how strong you are, how resilient you are, how much strength you have in your character or characteristics and how greatly wonderfully made you are to actually overcome and to actually be able to propel yourself irregardless of what had occurred. And to also be reminded of your worth, your overall worth. And to see I'm worth it. This was worth it. This is worth it. And I'm going to devote all of the worth and the actual worth, but I'm worth. So likewise I'm worth it. And likewise I'm saying to you, you're worth it. There is a lot of time as well when no one is there to propel you and to give you some good encouragement to say yes, you're worth it. Yes, this is worth it. So for example, yes. The situation might be hard, are challenging. That's a part of life. Always remember this that these things don't evaluate your worth. These things don't tell you how much you're worth. They're just a part of life and this part of life must not come to challenge your worth or to make you be less mindful of the fact that you're worth it and situations and circumstances that you want. They are worth it to invest the time as well as to invest. The overall approach is taking the little steps towards them to get them done. You are an individual of worth and you must find that worth. Give that worth and be that worth and have it reflected in your life. And like that worth comes through you to know that yes, I am worth it. And to say that, yes, I am worth it. So this is worth it. It is worth it. All these sacrifices and all these plans and all these tips and strategies and measures. There are all worth it. And at the end of the day, what you realize is your true worth, true potentials by just acknowledging that you're worth it. Being reminded again that you're worth it and that you must make sure that your word come across, make sure that your worth is, they're in your presence in who are around you, your atmosphere, the entire being of you, that worth is there to represent what you truly are, boat and what you truly are worth. If it is that you find yourself with situations that are not worth it, that it's not worth you or worthy of you, then you have to retreat from those situations. You have to find yourself in situations that creates your genuine worth. Are working towards your genuine worth. So certain things that are not going to propel you further in life, you start to trim those off. So in the conversation that are not having anywhere, not being any benefit to you, not perfectly new to what intellectual ability you have, you start trimming those off or cutting those off certain associations, I don't know, adding up to your true worth and representations of who you are. You also have to itemize or look at those untrimmed them off as well. Yes, there's also growth in worth. Sometimes when you are perhaps at the school level, you would have stuck for anything, You would have stood through anything and you'd have taken the time out to endure anything. But while you're at the at the level that's when your ending of school term would have come to fruition, then you start to be level. You've probably find yourself or you should find yourself not just enduring anything standing for anything laughing to any old joke or anything that is not worth or your worth and that is something that is support really believing and that you're really truly either disagree with or agree with. Right? So rightfully so you're Worth also takes an evaluation of sh rimming and cutting off certain associations in certain behaviors and certain different approaches. Yeah, you are too also ensure that in knowing that you're worth it, you have to be the one who is modeling the worth. So yes, I am worth it to see a nicely designed space where I can just have a leisure moment. So I'm buying some candles and buying some nice decorated pieces or I'm painting this section this collar, regardless of the fact that I might have had an experience before we're in. I never had that color nor those nice candles nor those nice decorating spaces. What? Because you're worth it. You're going to do it at the other level and not be dragged on. Are reminded of the previous time when you didn't have it. Because what happened is your season. Don't tell your worth your circumstance now doesn't tell your worth. In fact, it's not what it seems. Sometimes we're just looking with our eyes to see situations and if we look at our eyes to see situations will never really truly get the worth that we're worth and we're worth it. You're worth it and I am worth it. So you cannot just see what is in front of you the circumstance, the today, what is happening now because those sometimes will create a blunder or a blur to the two. Worth. Those who creates a blunder to say, I don't think it's still worth it. I don't think I'm still worth it. I don't think this plan is still worth it. I don't think the experience that I'm going through is still worth it. But if you do not focus on the circumstance immediately in front of you and focus beyond that, then you'll be able to see clearly, and you'll be able to see the potentials, the ability to draw upon your worth. And I totally get that worth, out of your life, out of you and out of your circumstance, to see a man at the surface level. And just to say that this man is this way, because of how he looks. But truthfully, it could have just been circumstances why he looks that way circumstances.