Children's Audiobook - Characters



Job completed, multiple characters for audiobook narration

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Child (5-12)


British (England - Cockney, Estuary, East End) British (England - Yorkshire & Humber) British (General)


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Harry, the laughing hyena, was standing by a tree, laughing and giggling to himself as usual. Hello, Harry, said cranberry. Oh, hello, Cranberry, said Harry, are you doing out here? I've lost my glasses and I'm trying to find them Well, when you find them, you will be able to look for ammonia, said Harry. And he ran off, laughing crazily at his own silly joke. Silly hyena thought cranberry. Next cranberry met Alan the anti to. You've lost your glasses, Allen said. Where? I don't know. Cranberry answered. Okay, But when you find them, why don't you come with me and look for ants? Lovely, delicious ants. You will love them as they wriggle round in your tummy. No, thank you, Alan. I don't think I'd like ants to eat. Won't like hens? How can anybody not like hands, Allen the anti to said as he trembled away long nose on the ground, looking for his delicious ants, muttering, How can anybody not like ants? How can anybody not like Cairns, silly and Tita thought cranberry. Who's that? Asked Ronald, the rhino, peering and squinting at cranberry as rhinoceroses have very poor eyesight. It's me, cranberry, the crocodile, cranberry What are you doing here? I've lost my glasses and I am looking for them glasses. What do you need glasses for? Ronald asked. I need them to find my food, to catch fish. I don't need glasses to find my food. So why do you? Ronald asked, puzzled as to why anybody needed glasses to find food. Ronald, you eat grass, Cranberry answered as he lifted his head to look around. All he could see for miles around was grassland in every direction. Grasses everywhere, he said. All around you, you don't need to look for it because it's already there. Oh, I suppose so, Ronald mumbled as he walked away, munching on another mouthful of fresh grass glasses. He muttered glasses. Who needs glasses?