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Award Winning professional playing leading roles for over 35 years.

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Voice Over • Animation


Highlights include Star Wars Clone Wars and Bad Batch (Suu, Orpheus, Dr Boll), Miss Spider (Eunice), Franny's Feet. More at IMDB.

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Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


British, North American


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rejoice mortals. For gray eyed Athena has come with glad tidings. Diana of Team Iskra. The eyes of Olympus have been upon you and beheld your great deeds. Self sacrifice triumphs over evil etcetera etcetera. So I pulled some strings and you're about to become a brand new goddess of truth. In other words, sweetie! I got you a job. Oh, I know Honey punching people in bee outfits, but this is a real job. You will get me that flower and I will be young forever go the world renowned basil penny farthing reduced to mopping floors and you can't even do that right well Duh, instead of enraging the little guy, why don't you try doing something nice for him? Instead, life and death form an eternal circle. If there is ever imbalance, The whole of the world is in peril. My past, my powers and my suffering have all led to this moment. There is none but I who can restore our world. The war that is upon us is not a battle of demons and men as most think rather it is for the balance that sustains us all. I alone must stand against the tide. I sense a demonic presence here, all that's left of tristram are ghosts and ashes. What a waste of undead flesh, prepare to meet death. I'm sorry honey. The answer is no, you didn't clean your room. Like I asked you to julie dinner