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    Mother Voices

    The mother is a female character who has had a child, especially one who still cares for the child. The mother character is affectionate, protective, caring, kind and has a selfless love for her children. The mother character also shares the role of wife in most circumstances, and may have a variety of occupations or roles in a story. The behaviour and attitudes of mother characters can vary based on the ages of her children, her emotions in the scene, and her parenting style.

    The mother character may have different parenting styles based on her personality, as well as the age and maturity of the children she has. A mother of a baby character is generally loving and patient, as well as affectionate, but may be tired and annoyed by constant crying and an inconsistent routine or schedule. A mother of school aged child characters has the same love, but is less stressed by the need to care for her children, and instead fosters relationships with them through speech and encourages them to try new things, and to grow as individuals. A mother of school aged kids may also need to discipline her children and teach them what behaviour is acceptable, such as teaching her children not to lie, steal or cheat. A mother of a teenage character may have a more relaxed parenting style, or stricter one, depending on how she views the activities her child engages in, or desires to engage in.

    The mother character may get into more arguments with teenage characters and need to enforce boundaries. She often has special bonds with her daughters, and similarly unique bonds with her sons. The mother character is generally empathetic, but may be stricter in some scenarios. Some mother characters, while being a rarer type of character, are not as loving; setting bad examples for their children, or neglecting them. Mother characters may also have other roles, such as being an employee, homemaker, wife, grandmother, daughter or sister.

    The mother character can be seen in most forms of media, fictional and non-fictional. Some of the more common genres are in dramas, biographies, sitcoms, romances and family oriented media. You can also observe mothers in your own life, whether it be your own mother, your grandmother, a sibling or inlaw, a friend with children, or even your own parenting style if you are a mother, and look for common attributes to incorporate into your voicing of the mother character. With practice, you can speak with the loving and nurturing tone that reflects one of a great mother character!