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An excerpt from The Lindberg Trials

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the basics. My great great uncle chuck delivered mill with Lindbergh for a short time and it may be that fact that has caused my interest in the case Charles Lindbergh called lucky lindy and the Eagle became the darling of America when he made the first solo transatlantic flight. His new role was comparable to that of royalty. As he was instantly thrown into hero status, He was literally worshipped and probably the most famous most beloved person in the 1930s He married and moral and the couple welcome to son Charles Augustus Lindbergh on June 22, 1930 When the baby was 20 months old. On March one, he was kidnapped months later, he was found dead. Years later Bruno Richard Hauptmann was tried and executed for the crime. Those few facts are undisputed mostly. Some refused to believe the child found was indeed the Eagle. It considering the depth of the case and how convoluted the evidence and participants are. It's actually amazing that even those few facts are largely accepted. I don't believe there was a kidnapping for a retelling of the entire story. There are many books that describe the glory that surrounded Lindbergh and many books that cover the ransom hoaxes, the convoluted investigation and the trial. They are worth reading to better understand the case. Preponderance greatest weight, superior in power, importance, strength. What lies within these pages are very controversial theories and facts. But the point is, they are facts in so much as can be ascertained by eliminating all the impossible evidence what is left, no matter how disturbing must be the truth. It's a matter of taking the evidence out of context. To understand the events of 1932, I came into this with a theory and was searching for evidence which is always a mistake. I backed off and decided to stop and follow the evidence no matter where it led. If anywhere at all, I knew that I might even have to admit defeat and did until I was 99% finished with the book, I had to go back and re word several parts after I reached the bottom of the rabbit hole. If some parts seem redundant, especially concerning times and actions read carefully because I have included any and all information given even that which is contradictory, there is a preponderance of the evidence that does not point to the man executed but leads to an especially awful consideration. All I can do is present the evidence as it truly is and invite the reader to form his or her own conclusions. My sources are archives, early papers, FBI files, photos and only what can be as much as possible, firmly documented as truth. Baby charlie Lindbergh did not get justice and baby booby hawkman received an injustice as I followed the evidence. My theory changed All readers must form their own opinions, but everything ended for me on April 19 when I reread for the 100th time and while I was doing a final edit before sending my manuscript to my editor, I saw the words 14 drops. I suddenly understood what happened and why.