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English, Snarky Know-It-All, 10 year old audiobook narration

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This is an excerpt from The Real McCoys, a book series narrated by a precocious 10 year old detective.

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English (North American)

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Teen (13-17)


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prologue, The name's moxie moxie McCoy. If you didn't know already, moxie means force of character, it means ultimate determination. It means death defying nerve. In other words, you have been warned, I am 10 years old. I am in fourth grade. I go to Tivoli one elementary school and that is all you need to know about me at least. That's all you get to know. I like to be a little bit mysterious. Thank you very much. It helps me do what I do and what do I do? I solve problems of course. Favorite notebook missing. I will find it. Someone took your lunch money. I'm on it. I think you might be the long lost heir of a legendary british earl and need definitive proof. I live for the challenge. I have been trained by the best of the best by which I mean, Annabelle Adams girl, Detective Protector of justice and quarter of all things menacing or unpleasant. Annabelle's thrilling adventures contain the solution to any problem. And I have read all 58 books in the series 37 a half times what Annabelle knows I know and Annabelle knows everything but I'm getting ahead of myself. This story hasn't actually started yet. So why am I telling you this? Because sometimes it's nice to have a taste of dessert before you start your dinner. The littlest nibble of double fudge brownie or the smallest scoop of ice cream to get you through the salad and the meatloaf and the soup to let you know the good stuff's on its way