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    Annoying Kid Voices

    An annoying kid can truly be one of a kind. Being able to conjure up that whiney, rambling voice for your project can be tricky. You need to make sure the annoying kid voice you imagined in your head, comes across just as painfully perfect in the real script read.

    The ‘annoying kid’ is usually a whiny, self centred, entitled child. Annoying kids often demand attention, repeating themselves until they get an answer, and then either reply in a snarky manner when they do not get what they want, or fail to express gratitude when they do get what they want. The annoying kid will also butt into conversations other people are having, with a know-it-all attitude, even if he or she is ignorant to the topic at hand.

    Common scenarios in which an ‘annoying kid’ may be voiced are at a playground or school setting, in an online voice chat, particularly in video game voice chats, or in TV shows. Annoying kids are generally consistent in how they speak, whether it is in talking to their parents, siblings, or peers. The annoying kid has poor manners, and an annoying tone to their voice, whether it be making it shrill, or speaking in a snarky manner.

    The best indicator of a proper expression of this whiny, annoying voice is the reaction you or other people have when the recording is played back. If the listener is annoyed at the voice, and can sense the whiny, entitled attitude in the recording, then you have achieved a proper ‘annoying kid’ voice.

    Luckily, Voices has the world's largest selection of voice actors. Browse our massive selection of annoying kid voices and you'll be asking yourself, 'are we there yet?' before you know it.