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Non-fiction Audiobook The Sopranos

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to get a sense of how The Sopranos changed television, get a pen and make a list of the 20 best TV dramas before 1999. That list will likely include Magnum P. I. Suffice it to say, The Sopranos is widely recognized in both popular and scholarly literature as an influential milestone in the history and development of television drama. It delivered on the oldest and most high minded aspirations of the medium, which declared that television could be at once artistic and profitable, complex and engaging, edifying and entertaining. More than 1/2 century after the first stirrings of prime time drama, The Sopranos jumpstarted the ecstatic narrative and generic potential of television. New York Times film critic A. O. Scott recently asked over the past decade how many films have approached the moral complexity of The Sopranos. He further stated that the traditional relationship between film and television has reversed as American movies have become conservative and cautious, while scripted Siris on both broadcast networks and cable are often more daring, topical and willing to risk giving offence. Whether one agrees with this basic assertion or not, the conventional hierarchy that always placed motion pictures above television is no longer an assumption taken for granted in the Post Sopranos media culture. The Sopranos was created by David Chase, a journeymen, brighter producer and director of such notable primetime Siri's as The Rockford Files, almost grown Northern Exposure and I'll fly away at varying times. Chase even functioned as the showrunner on three of those Siri's, which means that he was responsible for the daily management and creative directions taken on these programs. Still, nothing in his resume hinted at the possibility that he would ever create and become the executive producer, head writer and showrunner on a television milestone like The Sopranos.