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Sounds and Words Podcast (Early Example)

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This audio is my third podcast episode entitled Sounds and Words.

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I don't know. Thank you for joining me today for Carl Erickson's sounds and words. Ah, podcast with a difference. Back in the late summer of 2017 I had the amazing opportunity to spend almost three weeks exploring Rome and outlying areas. And I'm not talking about Rome, Oregon. The experience was powerfully life changing for today's podcast. I'd like to invite you first to visit my website at Carl Erickson dot com, then select writings by Carl, then on the drop down menu, Select Book Trailers and Mawr. On this page, go to Rome and London. 2017 a video, which you'll find hosted after my book trailers. If you fast forward to time Mark 27 28 on the video, you'll see my photos of and from this amazing Roman landmark. It's a great way to begin this short introduction to exploring the wonders and mysteries of Rome. There's so much to do and see within Rome. But one of my favorite stops was Castle Santangelo, which is just a short walk from the Vatican and ST Peter's to the west. The castle dates to the early second century after Christ, where its construction was commanded by Emperor Adrian. Its original creation was for the purpose of a mausoleum for Hey, Adrian and his family. At this point, I have to make a couple historical digressions. You'll find these Erhard tow avoid. When you're visiting Rome, you may remember this emperor's name because of Hadrian's Wall, created to defend the Roman empires province of Britannia. Parts of the wall spills down today in northern England. Another fascinating historical reference involving Hey Adrian's wall is the mysterious disappearance of the ninth Roman Legion, which vanished shortly after passing the northern boundary of Britannia. This, at least in part, seems to have led to the creation of the wall itself, under head Adrian's rule. Returning to Castle Sant Angelo, My visit to this monument took place one sunny afternoon on my last full day in Rome. I never realized what an interesting place it was going to be to explore, and I'm afraid that I may have missed a few things in my wanderings. First of all, this castle has served in many different purposes of of centuries. It began as the final resting place for the Roman Emperor, but it also was used as a papal residence as well as the fortress of defense for Popes. In fact, it was Nicholas, the third, who had a secret tunnel created from the council to the Vatican. The Church of ST Gregory the Great in Hamilton Square, New Jersey, has a splendid account of what led to the naming of Castle Sant Angelo. You confined their website at ST Gregory the Great church dot org's, and I'm quoting now from them in the year 5 89 Several plagues, Ah lost harvest and a series of severe floods all conspired to give the city of Rome a disastrous year. In 5 90 this series of disasters was crowned with the death of pope religious, the second another victim of the plague. At this time, the election of the pope was undertaken by the clergy and the citizens of Rome. Gregory was unanimously elected. Gregory, however, had no desire to be pope and even less desire to leave the piece of the cloister of ST Andrews Monastery. And so he wrote to the Emperor Maurice, asking him not to confirm the election. While waiting for the emperor's reply, Gregory was nevertheless responsible for the wear welfare of the city of Rome as the play had killed Pope Legis the second and was still raging. Gregory ordered that there be a great procession the people of Rome to do penance, beg pardon, forgot from God and pray for the end of the plague. As a result, seven simultaneous immense processions wound through the streets of Rome and converge on the Basilica of ST Mary Major on the escalating ****. Gregory preached throughout and urged on the people's devotion. A legend records that the Arcangel Michael appeared atop the mausoleum of the Emperor Hadrian and sheathed his sword, signifying the end of the play. Thus the mausoleum is today known as Castle Sant Angelo or the Holy Angel Castle. End quote. Besides all of its history, the top floor of the castle offers the best view of the city of Rome anywhere, as far as I know anyway, with the Vatican so close, it makes a fantastic vantage point to photograph ST Peter's. In fact, the height of the castle gives you even greater off of the architectural wonder and achievement of ST Peter's. My own walking was cut a bit short by foot problems, So if you're planning to visit Rome be sure to take good care of your feet and where the best shoes you can possibly find after walking on the cobblestones for a few days, your feet can feel just terrible. So you wanna you wanna take care of your feet as best as you can between Rome and London, pay close attention A to castle to areas that have been roped off by the staff even when the position of the ropes doesn't seem to make sense and people routinely walk around them. Because if you as a tourist walk around one of these barriers is, I made the mistake of doing prepare to get an earful of angry Italian. But in fairness, the staff is usually quite helpful. It's really not that difficult to Teoh communicate. But of course, knowing some Italian, this is really helpful. So that is it for today. I hope you enjoy this fourth podcast for sounds and words, and I look forward Teoh talking with you soon and have a great day