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Elderly Former Slave - Real Person, Sincere, Conversational, Genuine

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An elderly slaves speaks about his experiences on the plantation in this narrative podcast

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Senior (55+)


North American, US General American (GenAm), US Midwest (Chicago, Great Lakes)


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It was the worst story I ever heard. Something far more terrible than could even be conjured in your worst nightmare Over time I was able to piece together what had happened from Sissy's store strands of gossip coming through. Susie's correspondence and recollection from Jacob when he finally began to speak. Thank you, son, I can continue. It seems Irvin Barrington didn't just dig on cash. His freedom back, made sure no one could dispute that he was a new mass on the plantation. He presented cash in particular on account of the relationship he had had with his father. Cash was a slave, no doubt, but he was a favorite slave on the property, john, he was a reminder of Ephraim. The little boy lost to the fever all those years ago. When john looked at cash. You could imagine how Ephraim would have grown if he survived through cash. He saw about when FM's voice would have changed, when his muscles would have started poking through his sleeve shirts. When he would have grown, his first whiskers will take a wife and have kids of his own making. John grandpa. Irving hated this and cash of course. So as soon as his father died, he moved cash away from the light of household duties out into the swamp. One of the most dangerous backbreaking jobs on the plantation, john used to put his slaves on swamp duty only for short punishment. But oven oven had cash working out there. Sunup to sundown every single day. Irvin had all the reading and learning materials, slaves had been accumulated, burned them right in the middle of the property. For oil slave deceit told them if he caught any of them reading them riding, he'd skin them alive. And sadly he really meant it. And lady folk that lived on the property started timing the task as to not have to encounter him because he began taking liberties, brutal liberties, far worse than what he was doing with those holes in the alley. Years before then I'm painting a picture correct Lucifer himself would recoil at the side of of in Burlington. Not really, actually, it works so hard to scare one in the stillness. He terrorized and took a sick pleasure showing off his work, seeing people right and puke sadly. My friend Cash experienced this firsthand Christopher, C. O'Odham, elderly Alphonse Orlando recording from my home studio on a norman T L. M 103 large diaphragm condenser microphone, zoom F six digital portable audio recorder and snapped studio ultimate mobile recording booth.