Chris M Urban African American Reel - Conversational - Believable - Engaging - Real Person - Confident - Genuine - Father - Family Man - Charismatic - Guy Next Door - Everyman

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Chris M Black Urban African American Reel - Conversational - Believable - Engaging - Real Person - Confident - Charismatic - Genuine - Guy Next Door - Everyman -

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Middle Aged (35-54)


African (General) North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) US African American


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I'm a full time dad. I want my wife's at work. I'm making sure these two lab angels don't get too much trouble. Doctor. School. Marcus, Come on. I don't have much time to shop, so I used Amazon to get school supplies delivered right to my door. Olivia No. Don't use the markers on the dog. I'm in Washington and I'm in Amazon. Dad. Yep, That's right. Lakers floor seats just in time to watch LeBron lighted up with Chase Sapphire preferred visa card. I earn one point for every dollar I spend, which means faster free flights, hotel nights and more. Now excuse me. It's time to see the king. They say I'm threatening. Is it the way I look? How address do I intimidate you? Do you hear my footsteps behind you on my moves Too fast for you? You're not ready for me. You can't stop me or side to me. And that beating in your chest is how you know I'm coming for you. Nike, The Road LLC Hoody, Omondi A style all our own. So this guy, that one right there the other day was all like, my name ain't Felisha. It's Karl. Maybe But if calls going to shop at some fancy supermarket and spend twice as much on everyday food and household products as he wouldn't Walmart well, I got two words for car. Bye, Felicia, man, and it ending Friday.