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Profile photo for Jack Dundon

Jack Dundon

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

US Commercial Demo (Conversational, north american, authentic)

Voice Over Television Ad + 20 More
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Peter Flemming

Vancouver, British Columbia

'Ben Franklin' HISTORY Channel Documentary

Voice Over Documentaries + 18 More
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Rob Jellison

Sacramento, California

Subaru Outback Promo - Authentic, Conversational, Upbeat

Voice Over Video Narration + 21 More
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Jordan Semrow


More Commercials 2

Voice Over Audiobooks + 21 More
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Danielle Ezra

Los Angeles, California

Danielle Ezra - Internet - US Marine Corps

Voice Over Video Narration + 18 More
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Conner Evans

San Diego, California


Voice Over Video Narration + 12 More
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Athlete Voices

The athlete is a committed, strong and motivated person who excels in sports and other physical exercises.

This role requires a competitive, goal oriented and optimistic attitude. The athlete is highly committed to winning and to improving performance, and has the grit to get past trials and challenges the athlete may face. The athlete is also resilient, bouncing back after an injury or a poor performance in a game. The athlete is often team oriented, with many sports organized into teams, such as in football, soccer, hockey and other major sports.

The most successful athletes push themselves to their limits, and have the confidence they can win against all odds. This confidence stems from the athlete’s optimism and discipline developed through exercise, practice and competition. An athlete performing training alone will concentrate hard on completing their exercises and keeping a good attitude despite the toughness of their conditioning.

During team practice, athletes work on sharpening their abilities and the abilities of their teammates, accepting and giving constructive criticism. Athletes also accept constructive criticism from their coaches and personal trainers. During a game, athletes will have more of a competitive spirit, taking risks and working in tandem with their team.

Athletes often maintain a respectful, modest attitude, knowing the dedication and grit needed to reach the level of strength the athlete achieves. Athletes respect their opponents and shake hands regardless of how they did in the game, further showing how important respect is to an athlete. Some athletes act as role models for young fans, and behave in a way that inspires others to be confident, dedicated, respectful and competitive.

The athlete uses his or her voice differently depending on what the athlete is doing. The athlete may groan, sigh and breath heavily during tough training, and these sounds can express the toughness of training over audio. With a team during practice, an athlete will have a level of comradery with the coach and other teammates.

During competition, the athlete may speak to his or her teammates in the same way as he or she would during practice, but may also speak more quickly or rely on body language and instinct to determine plays. Athletes may argue with competitors, but it is not necessary that the athlete does. Athletes may also give interviews, in which they are down to earth, collected and honest about the toughness of their sport, but also maintain an optimistic attitude regardless of whatever questions are posed.

Athletes can be seen in sports games, audio or video interviews and in sports movies. Trying to claim the title of the best athlete voice can be competitive, but it is well worth it, and can be done with practice and training.

An athletic voice can add that perfect sporty flair to your ad campaign, explainer video or audiobook. Whether you're looking for an edgy, gruff athletic voice for your gym advertisement or a smooth and well trained voice for your project, you'll be able to add a motivating tone to your script. Check out all of our awesome athlete voices for your latest project!