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Host/Interviewer for informational podcast in NPR conversational style.

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Hello, everyone Welcome back to CBO speaks Thanks so much for being here today. I'm your host and it's my great pleasure to be joined today by Kevin johnson, Vice president of Finance and Administration at Colorado State University. This is an exciting conversation. So you won't want to miss it. Kevin's going to talk about the value of learning from every opportunity and why the saying if you've never failed, then that must mean you're not trying hard enough means so much to him. Kevin talks about how CBOs need to challenge themselves and work outside their comfort zone. Or as he says, not be afraid to fall. This keeps you from falling into a pattern where you're no longer pushing yourself to improve. I love that message. Kevin also has pointers on how CBOs can use the pandemic to become better and stronger. It's a great conversation with Kevin and it's coming right up. Yeah.