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    Voice Over Role - Host Interviewer

    The host or interviewer character is a character who hosts an event, show or program. Depending on the nature of the show, the host could be serious and intellectual, engaging and fun, judging and dramatic or hold other demeanours that suit the situation. In many situations, the host plays the role of an interviewer, sometimes as a primary role, such as in news and reporting settings, and sometimes as a supplement to the content of the show, such as in a game show or reality TV setting. The host or interviewer character can get to the root of a question in a respectful but focused manner, and may ask questions about events, people or ideas.

    The host or interviewer character is generally sociable and affable, with both the audience and the contestants or interviewees. This character often first explains the show, the setting and the goal to be achieved, and then transitions to personal questions like why someone entered a competition and what he or she would do with the reward money in a game show setting. In a talk show setting, this character may ask the people brought onto the show more about their ideas, lifestyle, challenges or other topics of discussion pertinent to the show. In a news reporting setting, the host may interview numerous experts on topics, and ask for opinions, forecasts and thoughts on the ramifications of real world events or policies. In all of these scenarios, the host often has a plan or routine on which questions should be asked, with enough area for improvisation if new information or an unexpected response arises. The host or interviewer is very good at controlling the flow of the conversation without being overbearing, and regularly gets his or her questions answered in a quick, concise, and perhaps entertaining, manner.

    The host or interviewer character can be seen in all forms of television and some forms of movies, such as in a documentary or historical film. The most common forms of television channel or programming to have this character are news outlets and reporting of current events, reality TV, talk shows, religious shows, game shows and competition or skill based reality shows. The host or interviewer character may speak in a different manner according to the genre and attitude of a show, however all hosts or interviewer characters are tactful and concise in speech, and ask questions in such a way they get the answers they desire. By learning how to be observant and pose good questions, you, too, can play a sharp host or interviewer character.