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Expedia Online Explainer - Daniel Brewerton Voiceover

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Expedia Online Explainer (minus visual) - Daniel Brewerton Voiceover

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Expedia's Travel Yourself interesting campaign is based on the insight that travel makes even the most boring people interesting. And where do you find the most boring people in the world? Twitter. Okay. To promote Expedia's new mobile app, we decided to show these dull tweeters the power of travel by travelling their tweets Interesting. First, we search for the dullest tweets in the UK in real time. When we spotted one, we travelled interesting by sending it to a far flung destination where we had a production team on standby. Then we added a little local flavour and filmed the results before tweeting the film back to the original offender all within 30 minutes. As we found boring tweets, we travelled them all over the world and sent them back. More interesting, we sent boring tweets to Times Square in New York. I can't wait tonight for the girls, but I hope that clears up birthday girl to my bro to a nudist park in Berlin to the Middle East, Mhm and to a Parisian street. Every film prompted viewers to download the app. People responded instantly, even are dull tweeters. But we didn't stop there as Twitter users began to use the T Y hashtag to tag their own Dole tweets. We monitored the results so that we could respond to them as they happened. The most boring tweets were then travelled interesting all over the world, mhm over the promotional period. Our video responses alone were viewed for more than 5000 hours. Are followers increased by 40% and 99% of tweets mentioning the campaign were positive. But most importantly, downloads of expedience app increased by 25%. Yeah.