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DigitasLBi Online Explainer - Daniel Brewerton Voiceover

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DigitasLBi Online Explainer (minus visual) - Daniel Brewerton Voiceover

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agency life, long days, short deadlines and never enough time. So we made a change. Welcome to the summer of love. The way of rewarding are devoted, hardworking people by giving them the generous gift of time. 10 Friday afternoons off to do more of what they desire. An opportunity to try something new, to go on adventures, to dive headfirst into the unknown or just to kick back and have some fun. There was no excuse not to get stuck into something brilliant to ensure everyone made the most of this unique experience. We literally frame the idea and invited people to fill this new space with all the great things they were doing. Mhm each Friday afternoon kicked off with a themed musical announcement colleagues tweeted instagram and Facebook to what they were doing to be featured as our weekly star feeling each summer of Love Window with their own special social post. These social Mementos were showcased in our reception area, living in the very space we've taken from our posters, transforming the entire agency into an exciting three d exhibition. The initiative garnered much love, respect and interest, with the hashtag spreading far and wide across the UK's agency population, even making it to German television. Potential employees took notice, too, with job applicants increasing by 20% over the period. Summer of Love was much more than take time off work. It was a way of encouraging people to do more of the things that made them happy, because when colleagues get to do more what they love, they share that love back into their work, benefitting clients, colleagues and the business as a whole. Which all goes to help make the agency a place like no other.