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thank you for calling Shine Dental Associates of the North Shore. We at Shine Dental Associates are dedicated to providing the highest quality of dental care to our patients. Our dentists are all residency trained and have attended numerous continuing education dental seminars. We further our dental education and keep up with and stay ahead of rapidly advancing techniques and procedures in our field of dentistry. Shine Dental offers the latest in general cosmetic implant and specialty dental services. We utilize the latest technology and sterilization shine Dental Associates. Simply brilliant. Please continue to hold Someone will be right with you. Shine Dental Associates of the North Shore also enhances miles by ways other than your teeth. Within a few minutes. Shine Dental can make you have amore youthful appearance. By reducing the wrinkles around your lips, you can have fuller and more defined lips that are natural looking. Smile with style for more information. Please ask one of our informed staff members. Shine Dental Associates. Simply brilliant. We will be with you shortly. Shine Dental Associates of the North Shore is excited to offer sedation or nitrous oxide to those patients who are uncomfortable during dental procedures. This is a great way toe. Have all of your treatment completed in one visit. Nitrous oxide is exceptionally good for apprehensive Children, removal of impacted wisdom teeth for teens and even adults for their comfort. To learn more about sedation or nitrous oxide, please speak to a member of our staff. Shine Dental goes above expectations to make sure you are comfortable. We will return to the line shortly. We had Shine Dental Associates of the North Shore strive to provide you with the highest quality care at a cost that fits into your budget. For your convenience, our office accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express and offer 0% financing for as long as 24 months. We are a preferred provider and will file insurance claims as a courtesy to our patients. We are pleased that you chose Shine Dental Associates of the North Shore for your dental care. We will return to the line momentarily. Please continue to hold Shine. Dental is a state of the art patient centered practice, offering the most exceptional dental care in a luxurious setting, we utilize an environmentally hygienic digital radiography system that admits minimal exposure than traditional X ray machines. Our digital radiography system enhances treatment instantly and allows our dentists to make a more accurate, informed diagnosis. Shine Dental has an advanced panoramic imaging system that can take an image of your teeth outside the mouth. We feel our modern practice and cutting edge techniques ensure you're receiving the highest quality dental care you deserve. Our affiliate office Dental Emergency Immediate Care offers dental emergency care seven days a week. No appointment is necessary, and you can walk in. They treat all types of emergencies from toothaches, extractions, broken and loose fillings, abscesses and broken dentures. Thank you for choosing Shine Dental Associates of the North Shore for all your dental needs. The goal of Shine Dental Associates of the North Shore is to offer the highest level of dental care to our patients. Each member of our staff attends continuing education courses to stay abreast of the latest techniques and materials in the field of dentistry. Our team works together to establish happiness, self esteem, comfort and optimal health for our patients. Our office strives to provide the ultimate in dental care while being peppered in luxury. Thank you for calling. We will be with you momentarily