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    Frequently Asked Questions

    IVR, or Interactive Voice Response, is a phone system that prompts callers to take action using their voice or dial pad in order to route the call to the correct company representative.

    A voicemail greeting should include a welcome greeting thanking your customer for calling and stating you are unable to take their call, followed by an instruction to leave a message with contact details and any other relevant information. Finally, let the caller know they will be called back.

    A hold message voice over should be around 30 seconds in length.

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    Telephone Voices

    When a customer calls your company on the phone, making a good first impression is a must — and that’s where we can help. Manage customer expectations, add your brand’s personality, and avoid the sound of dead air with the use of phone system voice over.

    Whether you’re in need of a voice who can clearly and easily guide callers through a series of prompts, or the voice of a friendly and professional voicemail greeting for your business, our talented phone system voice actors are up for the task and are ready to be called on.

    What are the different types of telephone voices?

    Phone system voice actors can be heard on on hold messages, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, and voicemail greetings. When you’re placed on hold or are waiting to speak to a customer service representative, on hold greetings are the friendly voice over messages that callers hear.

    These greetings are typically a series of voice over messages that play on a loop, providing callers with helpful information like wait times, important service updates, and more. IVR phone systems are the voice prompts that instruct callers to select options from the menu, and eventually filter the customer to the right department.

    In many instances, the IVR phone system voice over can provide the requested information without leaving the IVR, such as in the case of accessing banking information. Lastly, voicemail greetings are the recorded messages the caller hears when a company representative is not able to answer the phone. Voicemail greetings first ‘greet’ the caller and identify the business, then ask the caller to leave their information.

    How to select the right voice for your phone system

    When it comes to selecting the right voice for your phone system, a professional sound is key. After all, the voice of your phone system is the voice of your brand, and it’s often a customer’s first offline interaction with your brand, too.

    Your phone system is an important aspect of your brand’s sonic identity, and is often the first step brands take when creating their sonic branding. While it may be tempting to offload a phone system recording to the employee with the nicest voice, when it comes to skill, versatility, and range, a professional phone system voice actor is well worth the investment.

    For instance, a professional voice actor understands how to balance a comforting, articulate yet authoritative read in an on hold greeting. The result is a pleasant vocal recording that is easy to listen to, while imbuing an element of trust and confidence. When it comes to IVR voice over, this same professional can easily switch between vocal styles to deliver a vocal performance best suited to this application with little downtime.

    As a company’s first point of contact, phone system voice actors know how to deliver a clear vocal performance. These seasoned voice actors use proper pacing and modulation to add emphasis and ensure that instructions can be easily followed the first time. In addition to vocal performance, these professionals record high quality voice over in their home studios, ensuring a crisp and crackle free phone system recording every time.

    There’s a reason why brands choose Voices as their source for phone system voice over. With access to a rich pool of talented professional voice actors located around the world, you’re bound to find the perfect voice for your brand right here. Take a listen to our voice actors’ demos or post a job for free to get started today.