Spinal Singularity - Connected Catheter

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spinal Singularity proudly presents the connected catheter, the first fully internal extended use smart catheter system designed for adult males with chronic urinary retention. The connected catheter allows users to empty their bladder with the push of a button. Once trained, a user can insert and remove the connected catheter in the comfort of their own home, and the device can stay in the body for up to 29 days. One connected catheter can replaces many as 200 disposable intermittent catheters. The connected catheter system consists of three main components. The catheter, the wireless controller and the insertion removal IR tool. To insert the device, advanced the catheter until the end of the catheter reaches the urethra. Attach the I R tool and slide the button toe Lock the catheter and tool together, advanced the tool until the tip of the catheter reaches. The bladder you're in will flow through the catheter and tool, indicating that the holes in the tip of the catheter have reached the bladder. Once the bladder is empty, slide the button to unlock the I R tool and remove it from the urethra. Place the controller alongside the catheter valve and press either button to close the valve. The valve uses a partially threaded titanium pin that will spin to fully seal the valve. The connected catheter allows for natural filling and emptying cycles in the bladder. Once the bladder is full, place the controller next to the Penis and press either button. The valve will open and spend the propeller toe. Actively propel urine. Injuring the bladder you're in will flow through the urethra until the bladder is empty. When the bladder is empty, press either button to close the valve. Once each month, the catheter can be removed. Using the I R Tool to remove the catheter, insert the I R. Tool into the urethra. When the I R Tool mates with the catheter, slide the button toe, lock the catheter and tool together gently pull back to remove the catheter. To learn more about the connected catheter and spinal singularity, please visit our website at www dot spinal singularity dot com.