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    Instructor Voices

    The instructor is a helpful character who teaches people on specific topics or practices, or instructs them on how to perfect a certain skill. The instructor character is a wise, practical and patient character. An instructor character is usually employed for his or her ability to provide good instruction, and can be found in numerous occupations, such as teaching, coaching, lecturing or providing in vehicle lessons.

    The instructor character has a wide knowledge of what he or she specialises in. A maths instructor helps students understand the concepts and application of said concepts in their work. A driving instructor teaches practices that condition new drivers to be aware and drive safely. Gym instructors and military instructors know how to best enforce discipline and ensure the most possible benefits are gained from an exercise. Instructors generally hold a position of authority over their students, and speak in a way that is both authoritative, yet patient and professional. Some instructors may be more strict than others.

    The instructor character can be seen in shows and movies that include educational, sports and military settings, providing both abstract and practical advice to the people he or she teaches, trains and coaches. Instructors can also be seen in countless videos both online and from professional training resources, providing a view on the conduct and presentation of an instructor in all applicable realms of instructing. Studying instructors, both in general and in relation to the specialisation of instruction your instructor character focuses on, can help you voice a professional and effective instructor character.