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Welcome to a demonstration of the E. Bess Benefits Administration Tool, the comprehensive online employee benefits management program that saves time and money. As you view the demonstration, keep in mind that your version of E. Bess will be completely customized with your company's logo and branding. This is the log in screen for both administrators and employees. All areas of the site are password protected, which enables different levels of access for different users. First, we're going to log in as an administrator. This section includes all of the employees data and is not available to individual employees. You can search by location, employee name or by employees Social Security number. We will now search my employees name. Thats initial screen provides all of the basic information for that employees. Date of hire, date of birth, salary and job title. Next page provides all relevant dependent information. Administrators also have access to a wide variety of reporting functions. The payroll report, An active dependent report are just two examples of the reporting options that you'll have at your fingertips. Dozens of customized reports are also available at no additional charge. Now we will go back in, log in again as a new employee, so you can see how easy it is for new employees to enroll online. Jane Smith is our name, and we have just been hired note. Before Jane can get access to the bass tool, her name and password would have been established in the system by the appropriate HR administrator. Jane's first task is to review the legal documents completely customized for each company and then agree to them. Employees do not have access to their information without agreeing to the legal waivers beforehand. After the legal waivers, Jane will then complete the address form. Note. Employees can change any of their personal data except for their name. While Jane goes through the enrollment process, The Elektronik wizard makes it easy by helping her move from section to section. Next, she will add her dependence. Jane will then choose from all of the benefit programs that are offered by her employer. Medical plans, dental vision, short and long term disability. Even flexible spending options can all be made available here after the benefit programs. Jane will then complete the beneficiary section. Next page will summarize all of Jane selections and detail both the cost to the employees and the cost covered by the employer. There is also a printable PdF option where Jane can print out a hard copy of her complete plan. Thank you for reviewing the E Best Benefit Administration demonstration. Whether you're a midsize employer with 100 employees or a larger, more complex company with several 1000 employees, he bass technology can make your benefit administration more accurate and organized while saving you Time and money. Call us today at 8887940782 or click on the Contact US today page on the website and let us help you benefit from the G. Bess world of efficiency through technology.