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Economics for Ethics. There countless examples of firms that have broken the law to serve their self interests. Examples. Roll off our tongues like the names of worn out celebrities and Ron WorldCom, Tyco, Martha Stewart, Hollinger, Parmalat and Nortel. Almost every day, the business pages report another story of a company insider trying to profit through corporate malfeasance. Many of us do not know the details of the wrong doings way. Just know that the key actors face criminal prosecution. That these firms and certain officers have acted irresponsibly and illegally is never disputed. But the stories about corporate villains are not Onley about law breakers. They also include the subtle misdemeanors, which blur the lines between right and wrong, wholesale layoffs under secured pension plans, poor labor conditions and inflated statements about financial performance. These issues dog even our most esteemed corporations, such as Microsoft, General Motors and Royal Dutch Shell Stories are often presented as corporate efficiencies or just doing business. Yet these insidious issues can cause even more damage because their widespread and widely accepted