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Hello, everyone. My name is Ernest Harris and I'm a resident of the great city of Flint, Michigan. Finish known for a multitude of things such as machinery pushing out a lot of great actors and actresses, the medical field schooling, the automobile industry. And unfortunately, the past five years, we've also been known for the water crisis you've been pushing forward. Go Flint. We've been doing well me personally about me. I love Japanese anime On my past time I'm I love watching Attack on Titan Now Ruto's Dragonball Z you name it. I love it. Also love American enemy as well. So just like ninja Turtles, he man, I grew up in the eighties. What can I say? My wife loves Hanna Barbera cartoons that this Tom and Jerry on my other forms of past time I love mashing those buttons. I'm all American, kid. I love my new tendo. I love my PlayStation. I love my X box. So I'm gonna be doing that in my spare time is well, or I'm catching up with the news. We're all in some way wrapped into the political realm, whether we like it or not. That's just the way the world goes with me the reason why I wanted to get into voice activist because it's always been a ah passion for me, and I always been great at running my mouth. In fact, I went to school for that. I graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor's degree in sociology. Because I feel like that. That would be parallel to who I am internally. I love to help people. Heck, I've always loved to help people, whether it's on the minuscule or high level. I love to just be a part of the world and do good things and make an impact. And I believe, tell the stories to you guys for your audio books or voice acting or whatever category you wanna put me in. I accept it because I know I have a story to tell and I hope you guys enjoy. That's a brief bio of me. Hey, reach out to me any time you guys enjoy my content, Please have a great day