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    Generation X Voices

    The Generation X character is a character born between the years of 1965 and 1980. This character is self-reliant, inventive, hardworking, and independent. This character is also a bridge between the baby boomers and the millennials, being tech-savvy, but this character is more inclined to unplug and enjoy traditional forms of communication. This character also maintains a work-life balance, clearly designating time for each category, and works hard to perform well in both aspects of his or her day. This character enjoys the simple things in life, reading books, newspapers, and cable, while also enjoying the flashy and advanced nature of computers and new media. This character is also often moderate in opinions on external issues, focusing instead on his or her own self-sustainability and independence.

    The Generation X character can be seen in many settings, ranging from entrepreneurial endeavours and the corporate sphere, to the more laid back and leisurely areas in life, such as at sport games and parks. The Generation X character enjoys his or her leisure time, and can be seen in social areas, in clubs or on teams and in attendance at concerts. Generation X characters may also have families, and be mothers or fathers. They are old enough to have children who are in various phases of education, and attend school, sporting and other events their children may be enrolled in. This character is a middle aged adult, and while not old in comparison to the Baby Boomers or the Silent Generation, they will still have a mature and more aged sound to their voice. In scenes where the Generation X character is a child, he or she will be quite independent and self-reliant, being raised in a time where both parents were at work, or there was only one parent, for much of the day. Generation X characters can vary in behaviour, occupation, background and any other trait assigned to them, with the generation they were born into having a relatively minor influence in comparison to the rest of a character’s traits.

    Generation X characters can be seen in almost all forms of modern media. Understanding the mindset of people born in the Generation X generation, and having a moderately aged voice, is important in properly voicing this character, though other character traits generally take priority over the age group. Voice a Generation X character today!