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Created for a client's YouTube channel. VO and music provided by me.

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the Tamils, Madcap was released in November of 1989 on model number 5808 to as an entry level buggy, it was known as the Poor Man's Astute. The madcap had a mono **** chassis top and double wishbone suspension, and it was two wheel drive. It also ran an astute ball differential and shared many other components with its more expensive counterpart. In fact, a lot of the madcap parts were used to keep many astute going, as the arms, knuckles, hubs and bulkheads are the same on both models. As of the time of recording this video, the madcap has never been rereleased. Hey, everyone! And welcome to the channel, bringing back childhood RC memories and nostalgia. Anyone that follows us on Instagram will know that we've already tackled a few Tamir vintage projects, and our next one is the awesome madcap. It may look bad, but it's complete with no broken parts, which is a bonus. The plan is to put this back to box art, running all the original radio gear. The only hop up will be bearings throughout, and maybe a few new vintage parts to make it shine. I'll strip it down, give it a good clean and start reassembling it. One of the biggest hurdles will be trying to track down those notorious front tyres. The body shell is in great condition. I'm hoping to remove the old colour and re spray it white. I already have a set of original decals ready to go on. Let me know in the comments if you own a to me a r C that you've had from childhood.