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A collage of various storytelling styles specifically for children or the eternally young-at-heart!

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every good story in time has begun with once upon a time and ended with happily ever after, and that is where we begin here today. One day, Hal decided to pack his suitcase and run away, but of course he couldn't because bugs don't have suitcases. That's another reason why I don't want to be a bug so tall. So he decided to run away without a suitcase and climbed his way down the stock of the shrimp meat dash. Yeah, Dash lives in one of your library's creation stations. Now Dash loves his home in the creation station, but one night he had a dream. Dash dreamt about leaving the library and hitting the road. After working all day, the gentle shoemaker said, I've worked hard enough. Now it's time to go to bed. I finished almost everything except this one pair. I'll have more strength to finish them in the mornings. Fresh air Now, Charlie was a chubby old man who always wore vegetable sellers gloves, You know, the kind with the fingertips. Cut off her old turkey to watch this. I hear about you not liking vegetables. Now listen here. I'd like you to meet a few. You know, they're all special and interesting characters. Mm.