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    Family Man Voices

    The family man is a male character who has a wife and children, and takes particular pride in providing for his family. The family man enjoys spending time at home, investing time and effort into his relationships with his wife and children. The family man is also selfless, putting his family before his own needs, and spends more time with them than his friends. The family man is generally filled with joy when he is with his family.

    The family man is caring, often seen talking to his wife and children. He works to provide for them, and to protect them. The family man is affectionate with his wife, and he teaches his children life lessons as they grow up. The family man is also generally reserved and a gentleman, setting a good example for his children and maintaining a good family reputation. The family man is also a good listener, attentively listening to the needs of his family, and partaking in conversation with his family members.

    The family man can be seen in various forms of media, such as movies and television shows. Two television shows that have family man characters in them are Little House on the Prairie, and Full House. Through the observation of media which presents caring, present fathers, you, too, can play a protecting and providing family man.