Commercial Demo - 2020

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The more you travel, the more your well being can get left behind. But there's a place that doesn't come with that compromise. Welcome to Weston. Hey, how about a battery that lasts up to 12 hours? Yeah. Now we're cookin. Switched to Chrome book. Are you leaving the house like that, old man? Elbows. You can thank your father for that. You need jerkins argan oil lotion to help stuff in those suckers up. Oh, my sweet little Eva. She's the light of my life, honey. No, no, Don't put the pasta on the windows. Okay, Okay. Thank you. Okay. Where's the Windex? Ladies, If you haven't gotten the new razor from Venus, what are you waiting for? Go! Just go. Go! This is the nest hub from Google. It's where you can check the weather, listen to music, get directions, toe. Oh, that's good. That's a good shot. That's a good shot. Guti bloom, the new fragrance for her available. It may see when your baby is wrapped in pamper swat Lear's blanket like softness. All they feel is love