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    Playful Voices

    The playful character is a light hearted individual, fond of games and amusements. The playful character can fall into any age range, but is seen most often in younger demographics. The playful character is easy going, friendly and exciting, enjoying new experiences and connections with people, and has a youthful optimism. The playful character may enjoy playing pranks or cracking jokes.

    Playful characters can often be seen enjoying social activities. Playful characters are often the least stressed member of a group, and think of innovative solutions to problems, or raising spirits in times of low morale. Playful characters often tease others, and worry very little about responsibilities. Playful characters generally try to get along with everyone, and can be seen with a large group of friends. Playfulness may be a trait, and playful characters may not always be playful, but if they are one dimensional characters, such as a one off character in a children’s show, playfulness may be the purpose of the character. Otherwise, playful characters can be capable of having serious conversations and stresses in their stories, only being playful in appropriate settings.

    Playful characters can be seen in many forms of media, particularly in comedy, children’s movies and in other lighter genres of film and television, such as romance and sports content. Looking for laidback characters who enjoy cracking jokes and going on adventures in the media can allow you to identify playful characters to emulate in your own voicing of a playful character.