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PSA and Fundraising

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Voice Over • Animation


Covenant house works to help save women and men from the terror that is sex trafficking. this was used as a fundraiser voice over for an animated explainer video

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English (North American)

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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My name IS. Kay. And for the past three years I was bought and sold for sex. I'm 21. It all started when I was 18 I was kind of invisible at school. But one day I got a message from this guy mark. He'd actually deemed me years ago when he was a senior. I didn't respond this time though. I don't know, things were weird at home. It was nice to have a distraction. Someone to talk to and you know, he was really funny and kind of hot. He was so into me. It was crazy. He became obsessed. I've never had that much attention before. Even when I scored the winning goal at city finals, we started texting sexting, then dating all in a few weeks. I know how I know red flags right there, but he made me feel special. He was really generous. Let's buy a house together. What I mean? Yes, but how I have an idea. He was really there for me but super controlling. Who are you texting? Give me that. He didn't want me to hang around any one else. It was sort of romantic how jealous he got. I thought it showed how much he loved me. So me and my friends drifted. I was, I was happy even if school was ****. Mark was all I needed or at least that's what I thought for the down payment on the house. Mark had an idea for me to help. I didn't want him to be mad. So I accepted the worst. Let's try it once. Just this one time he asked me to have sex with a stranger. I remember thinking what kind of boyfriend asks for this. But he made it feel special, even exciting. So I said, yes, babe. Think about the house. Our dream house. What started with A one time thing quickly became favors for other men. A lot of men. I had never felt so alone. He kept reminding me it was all for us, for our home. So I kept going. I was exhausted. Love you, babe. One day I told him I wanted to stop and he threatened to tell my friends and family what I was doing. I wasn't in it for love anymore. It was survival. So I kept going. It's hard not to ask. Why didn't I listen to myself to my friends, But I thought he was the only person who understood me who loved me. I pushed away the feeling that this wasn't right. I made excuses to make it all makes sense. I was manipulated, controlling relationship, isolating you from friends and family, pushing your sexual boundaries too far. Let's talk about sex trafficking.