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E-learning Mix: Child & Adult

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Voice Over • Video Narration


Multiple E-learning styles, including light-hearted, serious, technical

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Welcome to the SAN Diego Zoo team. You're ready for that headset microphone so everyone can hear the witty educational seal feeding presentation. You've worked on since you were seven. Well that's kate's job. Kate's been here 10 years and started right where you are in a two hour orientation on how we clean the rhino rehab without getting gored or trampled to death. Ready, Let's get started. Interim policy and safety protocols for warehouse staff. This course will detail changes to remain in effect for the foreseeable future regarding the health and general wellness of all employees, vendors and contractors in contact with the facility, tap the arrow to continue. Ding dong dash adam wants to get through the door but sneaky pete has it locked with a puzzle trap, tap each even number as it appears to get through sneaky pete's trap, keisha. I'm disappointed that you didn't come to me when Allison started tormenting you. Why did I have to hear it from others? Not you. With her father's position. Who needs the drama. That's not how we do things here. It will be addressed and you will be protected. You have my assurance. The goal of the E U U. S. E health work project was to map skills and competencies, provide access to knowledge, tools and platforms and strengthen, disseminate and exploit success outcomes. The 21 month project began in september of 2016 with funding from the european Commission's horizon. 2020 societal challenge, click each icon to learn about the challenge. The consortium and the survey that was used