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imagine a world where waste is minimal, where one person's waist is off. Great value toe another a world where we re think, reuse and recycle different waste. Building of robust circular economy with two companies Green Oaks about diesel Grayslake Ventures, the parent company Off Move Africa J. C. Decaux N G. An Express pharmacy Partnering with a Nigerian hospitality industry to bring this tell life in the Nigerian hospitality industry. They generate different waste, like used cooking oil collected from different kitchens of our hotels, restaurants and lounges, which is then converted by green oaks about diesel into clean green renewable energy and finally transported to our partners at Grayslake Ventures to power their facilities in Nigeria. There are tens of thousands of hotels and restaurants operating industrial kitchens likely to generate a minimum off 100 letters off UCO per month, running into millions of letters of waste and in edible oils, finding its way into our waste water stream, causing blockages and pollution to our environment. Partnering with green oaks about diesel in selling these oils will not only create a cleaner environment but through the creation ofthe larger collection and processing channels of oppression, bring more jobs into the economy. Join these kitchens that are responsible with their waste by partnering with green ox bow diesel to process and then sell their used cooking oil, join efforts to achieve a cleaner environment, reduce waste and get closer to achieving our climate goals.