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Give the heaven

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It's a poetry. Man's asking for God to give Happiness.

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Teen (13-17)


Indian (India)


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give to me the life I love Let the leaf go Buy me Give the Jolie heaven above and by way name me bed in the bush with charge to see bread at dip in the river There is a life For a man like me There is a life forever led the blow Fall on soon or late lead What will be or ever me give the face on earth around and rural before me Well, Thai seek not hope nor love nor a friend to know me All I see the heaven above And the road below me Or let or downfall on me We're a field i Lingle silencing the boards on three biting the blue finger white as mean The frosty field warm the fireside heaven not to autumn ville I yield not to winter even led the blow fall soon or late Let what will be or ever me give the face of our around And they're old before me Well, I asked not hope not love not a friend to know me All I asked heaven above me and the road below me