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every day of this life. Things are changing our circumstances, our surroundings, even ourselves. Everything is changing as I wonder what it is in existence that is steady, consistent. And I'm Jane. Only one truth emerges. It is the unfailing love of God. Our father as I reached for him through my darkness, he is there. If there has ever been a time that I did not feel the comfort and strength of my creator's hand, it was because I let go. How do I repay him? For all is to me for being the strong tower in my life or indecision and doubt the answer lies and how I would describe who he is to me because of his promise to guide and protect my life from. He is worthy to be praised as the giver of life on because of his gift of eternal peace. He is the one on day only with no other way for me to escape my sinful nature. He is my redeemer. Without him, I have nothing and would be lost. He is my salvation in this life. He has heal my broken spirit and delivered me from paying. He gives me hope as an all knowing, all powerful always present God with no limits. He is infinite. The window bays, his voice, he commands the waves. He spoke and it Waas because he is perfect. I have been created to bring honor and glory to every breath I breathe has been given to me for that purpose. All I am is because of his grace. For all he is and continues to be, there is nothing more I would rather do. Then lay my life before God himself worship.