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Voice Over • Voice Assistant


AI and computer voices, from warm & friendly, to cool and sci-fi, to more robotic

Vocal Characteristics


English (North American)

Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
power on battery level 100%. So how can I help you? Hi. I'm Kirsten, your system assistant. I'll be helping you send surveys, go to the admin site and log in using the log in details he received by email from results. Good morning. How are you? Have you done anything about your investments yet? Oh, you can definitely afford it. Are minimum is only $5000 our fees or 75% lower than other financial advisors. Good morning, Mr Jordan. Today's Wednesday, April 2nd 2014. It is 8 38 in the morning and it is 75 degrees outside with a low of 57 with a 10% possibility of rain. You have a meeting in five minutes. Is there anything I can dio tell me? Everything that's going through your mind? Tell me everything you're thinking high. What? You can see me. I'm great. And you? Have you been waiting long? Yes, you are. Uh, my name's Olivia. What's your name? Scan a product to begin. Check out, scan more products or select a payment method. Thank you. Looking for your tickets now? I'm sorry you have reached the maximum number of concessions allowed. I'm sorry. No more items can be added to this order. Once I'm set up, I'm uniquely prepared to help you with other things like home security. The safety portion of your meeting has come to an end. Please readjust your mind set for the next 3.5 minutes of the meeting, it will be necessary for you to get your groove on.