Let us ask and simple, but very big question. Formal but cheeky. Documentary, Voice of God but with tongue lightly in cheek. Curious, wondering... Not just explaining

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let us ask a simple but very big question. Why is there something instead of nothing? This may sound like a job for a philosopher, but in fact it's a problem that could be addressed by science and by physics in particular. Lucky for us, this question can be hunted by science and more specifically by physics. And according to physics, they should in fact be nothing. The universe should not exist. Granted, physics sometimes seems totally nonsensical, but most of the time it works. So how could we get something so big, so wrong? This huge problem arose from the discovery of something very small. And you see, for every particle of matter, there also exists an equal and opposite Lee charged antibody. These anti particles can make up anti atoms and anti molecules, anti wine, auntie cats, anti pants, anti planets and perhaps an entire anti universe.