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    Scientist Voices

    The scientist is a character who tests theories and conducts experiments following the scientific method to learn more about the world and beyond. The scientist is a logical, observant and curious character. The scientist character is intelligent, creating hypotheses and testing them in a controlled manner. The scientist character often does his or her work as an occupation, but scientists can be anyone who performs and documents experiments, even young students at school. Scientists often have a broad knowledge of general scientific principles, and a robust knowledge of their specific fields.

    The scientist character is methodical, and follows a process to adequately control variables and ensure data is collected in a correct, logical manner. When the scientist character first starts an experiment, he or she creates a hypothesis based on an assumption a team has, or simply a belief held on an individual level. Next, the scientist character collects the resources needed for the experiment, and documents all done during the experiment. The scientist character completes the experiment multiple times and documents the results of the experiment, as well as all that happened during the experiment. The scientist is very detailed, and presents his or her conclusion to the appropriate groups, whether it be the government, a post-secondary institution, a corporation or an academic journal.

    The scientist can often be seen in the science fiction genre. The scientist character also frequently shows up in apocalyptic movies, as either an ignored messenger or someone who finds a solution for the issues at hand. Scientists can also be seen in non-fictional movies and shows, especially in documentaries and biographies. Scientists may also give speeches, attend press conferences and provide lectures to listen to. Learning scientific terminology and experimenting with your voice can help you formulate the best scientist voice for your job!