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A wide variety of character voices to choose from for your toy, cartoon, game, podcast or other children's material.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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Let's get started. High. H Hi, Bob. And don't think I'm gonna be nice to you. What? I thought we were friends. This is Joey. He's my friend. We like to play in the trees together. Look, you can swing high and so fast Belts on my bouncy castle. Do you wanna bounce with me? I only want to speak to you. Go away. We won't open the door. I'm Karl. This is my dump truck. Want to drive along with May beat beef? My family. I'm never going to see my family again. Yourself to get a kid, remember? Urine often. You got nobody out there anyway, right? I'm a little train chugging along the track Were coming into the station. Now are you ready to sing? Choose a song and sing along with me. Look over there. Look at the pirate. He looks really funny. I'm a hungry bear. I love climbing the trees to get to the juicy leaves at the top. Young Hit the floor and let's get those wheels spinning. I want to see you make some smoke. Hey, kids, Welcome back to the weird and wonderful world of Amazing facts. Air Defense Battalion based from satellite command post. Rogers said like command post. Employment completed. Cluster system ready Way detected. A low flying incoming threat. Uploading data. You have to incoming cruise missiles bearing to the airport position. You can't speak to the strength of my sword. The greatest things are scars of destruction. Are you OK? Are you lost? You can always be whoever you want to be. I am a wise old owl, and I want you to help me spell the words in the picture. Hey, What you doing up there, kiddo? Come on. This is dangerous stuff. But by