English-Hindi-Sanskrit Demo Harish



A kind of classical rendering of spiritual, mythological & historical pieces in a popular languages of India - English, Hindi & the classical language Sanskrit.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


Indian (General) Indian (Hindi)


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many centuries ago, along the corridors of a moonlit palace unseen by the world, a handsome young prince was walking away from the powers and pleasures of its familia. Ryall live as his chariot stood waiting at the particle. He posed for a moment of hesitation at the doors of his bed chamber and took one last loving look at his young wife and little son, sleeping in, oblivious, innocent. Then it tour away, is resolute plans from the two slumbering figures and walked ahead into the arms of destiny. Along with the poignant moment in history, a veil began to lift from the slumbering spirituality of mankind. That act of compelling courage and renunciation lay the most practical version of that universal promise of seek and you shall find, as Prince Siddhartha went on to become the Buddha as he attained enlightenment, the thinking world found it's past two West. Um, see Jungle Juba. Hot Mullah Juan Gorgeous Kika Yukio Manu. Shiny job cigar banana Shun Kia who lock least McCann Bana, Nicky Barker or Koichi Hisley be like harassment. Chandigarh, Roge Karma Char e Vichai, Vasana Me cab big are pre more ve Iraqi born on may carry Gar Chicken banana Me, sir Me it roar You'd Ankara's Gar car name elected Cohen Written Organ key Majali Sujatha Toccoa since our key But hey Polly Body Jarrahi Mirza Sajjad Ali or mean rationally Don Okay, pass model See gv Cocky Cochin Tanith e product Call Donna Mitra Nash Takhar Keep Assad be shock are bad Jack Morris Like a a lotta k Khanna Yaar dass Tarun ***** How? Yeah. Babbar Chief Vash Walker Camry He Makana Raja Tha don't know Mitra Dunno. Com Sat sat Leah Yeah Batna think Amir Zaki God Logan Case Hka or over Brooke Amoeba Bandana She mar Muhammad John J mantra is a rejuvenating The prayer is addressed to Lord Shiver by chanting the mantra Divine vibrations are generated which ward off all the negative and evil forces and create a positive and protective shield Sri Gonna Patty cake Carano Me times Music Kik A newt he sang eat mice Duthie Balasubramaniam for with sad DNA sorghum Kesha breasts for me, Shri got John and Cosom are with art Geet Om car to Asia. She said even a job. Jan Natche, He who's keep with he a car say 80. Oprah stuck a Mumbai. Que sou presented Shri Sid even a commander. Me. Jay. Hey, Jason. Um, safe today. Too high souca Kurata Ganesh.