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    All About Motivational Speaker Voices

    The motivational speaker is a character who aims to bring motivation, excitement, and other positive emotions to a group of people, generally with the aim of achieving a common goal. The motivational speaker character often has a target demographic in mind and speaks in a way that the target community would best receive the message. The emotional speaker is usually upbeat, laid back, and calm, knowing how to deliver his or her content in a dynamic and entertaining way that is sure to stick with the audience.

    Common target demographics for motivational speaker characters to present to include students, athletes, employees in a corporate environment, and faith-related organizations. Common topics for motivational speaker characters to give speeches on include productivity, encouragement, discipline, creativity, innovation, academic achievement, exercise, or another skill or trait deeply correlated with the success of an individual or team in their respective field. Motivational speeches usually tell relatable stories, and tales of triumph, relate these stories to the lives of the listener and provide either practical and easily applicable or abstract and emotional motivation advice. The motivational speaker character knows when to raise and lower emotion, pitch, excitement, and other vocal elements. The motivational speaker character also knows how to best use pauses for dramatic effect, and convey information in an articulate yet entertaining manner.

    Where to hear motivational speaker voices

    The motivational speaker character can be seen most often in recorded or live motivational speeches, which can be found everywhere from YouTube, to educational settings, to conventions like TED and TEDx presentations. Observing the various messages being shared, and how the speaker balances the potential dryness of the message with his or her exciting personality, can help you understand the core characteristics and presentation styles of a motivational speaker and his or her speech.