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the year 18 09 That year, which gave William E. Gladstone to England, was in our country, the first birth year of him who wears the most distinguished name that has yet been written on the pages of American history. Abraham Lincoln in a rude cabin in a clearing in the wilds of that section, which was once the hunting ground and later battlefield of the Cherokees and other war like tribes and which the Indians themselves had named Kentucky because it was dark and bloody ground. The Great War president of the United States, after whose name history has written the word emancipator, first saw the light. Born and nurtured in penury, inured to hardship course food and scanty clothing. The story of his youth is full of pathos. Small wonder that went asking his later years to tell something of his early life, he replied by quoting a line from Gray's elegy, The short and simple annals of the poor