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Epic, Poetic, Theater of the Mind. A company in Banff, Alberta wrote this to voice as I tell the tale of a beautiful place called Alaska.

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There's a land, Have you seen it from the big dizzy mountains that screen it to the deep, death like valleys below. It's the great big, broad land way up yonder, mm hmm. It's the forests where silence has lease. It's the beauty that thrills me with wonder. It's the stillness that shells me with peace. Mhm. I've stood in some mighty mouth hollow that's plum full of hush to the brim. I've watched the big husky son wallow in crimson and gold and grow dim until the moon set, the party peaks cleaning and the sun tumbled out neck and crop. And I thought that I surely was dreaming with the peace of the world piled on top of the summer. No sweeter was ever the sunshiny woods. All the thrill, the salmon, a leap in the river, the bighorn asleep on the hill, the strong life that never knows harshness, the wilds, where the caribou call the freshness, the freedom, the fire nous! Oh, how I am stuck on it all.