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NFL Films-style follow-up to the 2020 Hulu Sports Super Bowl tease

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morning comes early in New England, but whether you're a rookie p A or a veteran producer, you better bring your a game when stepping onto the gridiron with one of its greatest heroes. The stakes are high, with a big game a few short weeks away. This who has live sports crew needs to escape with a winning commercial, and their game plan is set to hurry up offense. They've been preparing meticulously for weeks to be ready for game day. Fortunately for who, Lu, six time champion Tom Brady was born ready last season. Strategy relied on slippers and cat flu answers. To top it, they'll need to seriously up their game. The lights are raised, the camera's ready. The fancy coffee Poor ads like these are always won in the trenches, and champions like Brady will be the first to tell you it's not the easy wins you remember. It's the really, really easy with. But at the end of the day, it's not Brady or the director or the key grip or the teleprompter or the guy who watches smoke coming out of hoses. Who will decide what kind of who Lou add this becomes? It's all of them working together is one. Because there's no I in who has live sports. Because there's only one I in who has live sports. Yes. Oh, my God. Thank you. Appreciate it.