Character Demo - Dynamic - My Little Pony - Cartoon Network - Child



In this demo you'll here samples of all of my character work!
Character Demo - Dynamic - My Little Pony - Cartoon Network - Child

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Young Adult (18-35)


British (General) North American (Canadian-General) North American (General)


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well, look who's back from their little nappy. You didn't cry. Oh, this whole time away. God only knows what they do to you while you're under. Maybe unicorns aren't real. We're going to be attention. Which world shoppers? There's an eerie green light special going on now in the cauldron department. Hey, sorry sir, I'm lost and I shut up. Oh, uh huh. That's one way to find a weapon. This is Stephen said what? Maggie Sarah saw several slide, the snakes slithering sneakily in the schoolyard recess. It's okay. I'm all right. But thank you for your kindness. I do find our conversations most stimulating. Yes, we should do this all the time. I could never compete with a super high school level programmer. I suggest you ask to hear a Fujisaki. She's the best in school grant. Listen places on my special bra. It's right here in escape bible. It's a decent ski park, went to the best of ramp, bull and street skating in a cohesive terrain that has good flow and variety. Sweet. We're running low on here. We've got the night lease. That's not the same thing, is it.