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    Dude Voices

    The dude is almost exclusively a male character, who enjoys friends, fun, and embodies a certain style, fitting into a group of “dudes” or “bros”. Dudes usually get along with one another, regardless of which categories the dudes belong to. Dudes do not have a unique culture aside from the platonic fraternity and admiration of masculinity they share. The term “dude” can be applied to women as well, who are well accepted in the friend group, though it is rather rare to see that term used, with “dudette” sometimes used in the place of “dude”.

    The four main groupings of dudes, though not comprehensive enough to categorise all dudes, are the dudebros, the athletic dudes, the preppy dudes and the surfer dudes. The dudebros are a collective of close platonic friends. The athletic dudes are known for their sport and fitness performances, partying, and likelihood of being initiated into a fraternity. The preppy dudes are the upper middle class dudes, who focus on business and intellectual endeavours. Preppy dudes may also be arrogant and flaunt their status, and the associated social and economic privilege they have. The surfer dudes are relaxed, and speak in a laid back and unconcerned manner.

    Dudebros can be seen in most friend groups, where a few friends form a clique, focusing on mutual interests and mutually enjoyable activities. Most dudes fall into the dudebro category, with at least one or two best friends. Dudebros are seen most often on teams, in clubs, or joking around in public. The athletic dudes are seen most often on sports teams and at the gym, as well as at sports universities or colleges, and in fraternities. These dudes usually encourage one another to reach their physical potential, enjoy working as a team, and have a hedonistic lifestyle. Preppy dudes are more focused on academic, financial and entrepreneurial pursuits. Similarly to athletic dudes, preppy dudes can be seen in university and college settings, as well as being members of fraternities. Preppy dudes usually encourage one another to be successful in business endeavours, and can be seen in Silicon Valley as either a tech company worker in upper management, or as a “brogrammer”. Surfer dudes are more carefree and relaxed, and may be seen in the more artistic or leisurely settings. They may have negative stereotypes associated with them, such as being lazy and irresponsible, depending on their lifestyle choices. Dudettes can fall into all of these categories, though the title only applies if the criteria is met, as well as the dudette being involved in the dude friend group.

    Many forms of media include dudes, most generally dudebros, but also the other types of dudes. Most TV shows and movies in the action, sports, drama, war, adventure and fantasy genres have at least two friends who encompass the concept of dudes. Movies that focus on sports are more likely to have athletic dudes. Movies that focus on academic or business adventures, or focus on the upper class, are more likely to have preppy dudes. To get a balanced idea of what a dude is, try to watch films with all four branches of dudes. It is best to ask the job poster what kind of dude he or she is looking for to clarify which type of dude you are voicing. Once that is determined, be a bro and put on the best dude voice you have!