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General Scottish, British RP, Cajun, High German, and Tamil Nadu

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British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC) Indian (General) North American (General)


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from hereditary curse. Bye, Emma L. Adams General Scottish Accent. I looked down at the peepers. It resembled a job application with sections on my own pertinent details. That's what is the B six of necromancy. Seems straightforward enough. I could have answered most of it without the need for the book, since my sister I had had a thought or education in all things supernatural. I looked at the door. Causing a public disturbance wasn't my thing. So I take a seat at the table pact of the pen. She lived with the papers and go to work from a treacherous performance by Lin Messina British RP accent. And yet she could not wholly dismiss the Mrs Ralston's of the world for doing so. Risked exposing the Duke to ridicule. Doing a favor for one of London's most accomplished hostesses would further insulate him from school. Be could not dismiss the idea entirely out of hand. Mr Rose, she often unsure if she had missed a step in the conversation while she had been ruled gathering. Yes, the solicitor my grandfather hired to oversee his affairs, Mrs Norton explained. That is who my grandfather is referring to when he says Mr Akbar is in the garden. I have spoken with him personally, but he refused to acknowledge the existence of the diamond, let alone reveal its true location. From polarity by Virginia Ford High German accent Dear Submissive See her Jane. I am a dominant master from Zurich, Switzerland. I'm attracted to your profile, even though it is opposite to my way of thinking in the German language, we say Galen's at Susan's Ishaan, which in English means opposites attract. So perhaps it is true you display a photo of you wearing a collar. Does this mean you are colored or you wish it? From Whispers of the Bayou by Mindy Starnes Clark Cajun Accent My who you're due for mo mayor, You're late, Grandmother. You look so much like her. And this must be your daughter. Bless her heart. She must take after her daddy from Far From Home by Lorelai Brown. Tamil Nadu Indian accent. Which makes me wonder if we could come to a mutual understanding off the roll. It's my turn to echo pari mutual understanding. You see, I'm not rich per se, Pari says, as if those words make perfect sense in that combination. But I'm comfortable