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Excerpts from Minotaur by J.A. Rock, Cigar Club by JA Armstrong, and The Wrong Side of Right by Jenn Marie Thorne.

Please note that I did not narrate The Wrong Side of Right, but have included it as a YA sample.

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audiobook demo. Jill Smith. This is from Cigar Club by J. Armstrong. Fallon picked up her beer. I guess you'd have to ask Riley. She got up and made her way to a table near the jukebox. What's up with her? Dale wondered. You two are the reason they warn against inbreeding. Carol said. Pete looked at Dale and shrugged. Carol threw the towel in her hand on the bar and made her way to Fallon. I want to talk about it. Not really, Fallon admitted. Andy Carol Guest fell inside. She'd been replaying her conversation with Andy for over an hour. She'd finally given up on sleep and decided to head to Murphy's law. Yeah, she's leaving, Jake. I know, you know. Does the entire town know Except me? No. Jacob came looking for you earlier. He was upset. Fallon. I took him in back for a minute. Fallon side with regret. I'm sorry. It's just Everything is changing so fast. Everything, I sort of told Riley, I'm in love with her and I don't know. You do know. Fallon shook her head. She needs time, she said. Everybody needs time, she mumbled. This is from what's making our Children sick by Dr Michelle Perro and Vin Can Adams. The story of Sherry's frustration and trying to help her daughter is one that is familiar to many moms everywhere. And it is. Mostly moms are telling us these stories. After a while, the stories start to sound familiar. They are frustrated, exhausted and angry. They can't get effective treatments. They feel let down by their doctors, who in fact are often equally frustrated. Parents load their kids up with antibiotics, only to learn that thes air, probably damaging their Children's guts. One can imagine the confusion this produces. These moms feel helpless. And then they discover there are alternatives when they finally meet a doctor who is willing to try something new thes mom's air, usually ready to try just about anything. Sometimes what they find out, often to their surprise, is that they're kids. Issues start, and many end with the simplest medicine of all food. This is from the wrong side of right by Gen. Marie Thorne. He looked so lost that I said what he was supposed to say. It's very nice to meet you. It was as though I'd put down a loaded gun. The whole room let out its breath in one big huff. But then Senator Cooper opened his mouth and closed it down to the T and handed the glass to my uncle, who was sweating through his Gamecocks T shirt. The room was too quiet. I didn't know how to fill the silence. The red haired woman pulled away from the love seat, smoothed her sweater set and peered at me with something like sympathy. Kate, I'm sure you've got a lot of questions, and the truth is, we do, too. The senator turned away, his suit wrinkling as his shoulders collapsed. There's no question, Nancy. I mean, come on, look at her redhead. Nancy's smile faltered, her eyes flicking back to him. Sir, we need to be sure this is too big. I know what it is. He stopped moving. Just stood there, staring at the ground bird of prey, peered down at leper con and buy some silent agreement. Leper con. Step forward. Should we go ahead? Go ahead with what