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at the age of 12 my ambition was to become a gangster. I mean, to me, that was better than being president. Toby. A wiseguy was stolen. The wild he used to turn my ******* stomach. You know? I mean, I lived in fear of every ******* day in my life. It's extraordinary. I don't know what kind of a person that makes you become. I was ******. I was literally ******. You know what I mean? But I'm still here. Why? I'm still around. Heck, I got this guiding angels on my shoulder. You know, for some reason, it was a middle class, blue collar neighborhood. Me, Everybody knew everybody on the ******* block and they knew everybody's causing ands, uncles. And where the **** that came from. And I felt out of place at home, and I was always getting into trouble looking over to the right ******* thing. Used to kick the **** out of me all the ******* time. My father. But I deserved it. I really did them. You know, sometimes I need to do **** just despite him. Anyone? I mean, just a ******* spied him. They thought I was a ******* goof off in school. You know what I mean? They thought that I was doing it on purpose. I mean, I couldn't Falken read. There were elements in the family life with There were problems with his father, and I think to a certain extent, he looked to his father toe other men, men who behave differently across the street from my house. You know what? The ******* Cadillacs at a ******* diamond Rigs wides of ******* $100 bills bimbos on the time. I mean, it was it was intoxicating. And then they patted me on the back, and they give me fives and tens on that day. You know, You know, in the fifties that was a lot of ******* money. At 13 I was making more money than most of the grown ups in the neighborhood. I mean, I had more money than I could spend. I had it all one day. You one day, you know, some of the kids from the neighborhood that carried my mother's groceries home, You know why it was out of respect Behind him, an inferno erupts. Feel as if he's in Hill, because basically, that's where he's going. Ultimately, I started earning money and trying to give gifts to my mother and father. They would never accept it. They would never accept it. Not $1. I be born a weeks. And my brother made in a year whether was a holdup of property. Whatever. But these things broke my parents heart. I thought it was like a ****** game. Here, take this pistol shoot out, shoot out that window. Being being being and I was exciting, you know? It was intoxicating. Henry didn't realize that he was becoming involved in one of the New York Mafia's most violent cruise run by Paul Vario. A Kapo, a captain in the loo Casey crime family. He treated me better than he treated his own sons. I mean, I love the guy. You know what I mean? My dude. 13 12 13 years old. He took a ******* baseball bat down to the back of a car, walks in the ******* bar when I could see it, You know, from where I waas and he starts hitting the ******* barmaid with a ******* baseball bat, I mean, beaten and should have this ******* woman, you know? I mean, he broke a ******* collarbone. I mean she ratted on him that he was going out on his wife or some kind of ********. You know, we're just stupid **** like that. I mean, the ******* holy ****. I've never seen that part of him. You know, at that point, Dan, I start to realize these guys are ******* Gangsters. Yeah, you know, Well, I kind of knew, but But I didn't want to know, you know, I knew, but I didn't want to know. You don't want to be. And I didn't want to see it. I was. Sometimes I had to see it, you know? What's that? Cross? That line is a kid. I don't want to go back. I was spoiled. It was greedy. You know, I think back sometimes. When did I stay through Paul Vario? Henry would be friend Jimmy Burke. A gangster farm or psychotic and unstable and Goodfellows could ever show the film. Credit actually softened him up. I wouldn't want to see what he was capable of. Let me put it that way.