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This is a one-minute, lighthearted voice-over to accompany an animated video about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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known as one of the biggest names in classical music, Mozart should perhaps be known for having one of the longest. As back in 17 56 he was officially christened Theo Hannah's Chrysostomos, Volf Gang's Tail, Phyllis Mozart and you'd think with all those names to choose from, he'd be happy. But when growing up, he was universally known as Amadeus, the Latin version of one of his numerous middle names. Like many musical families, Mozart wasn't the only child prodigy at home. His older sister, Anna Maria, was also thought offers a musical genius, and he's Dad famously composed a symphony using Children's toys. In fact, in 17 63 Mozart's dad decided to take his family on a European magical Mozart mystery tour, and it was whilst in Rome that a 12 year old Mozart first heard a leg grease Miserere e, a P C. Later wrote out from memory back at his lodgings. Unsurprisingly, Rome, with its love of opera, proved to be a real source of inspiration to Mozart, and he eventually wrote his own all time classics, the Marriage of Figaro, the Magic Flute, Don Giovanni and Cosi Fan Tutte. In later years, Mozart courted and wooed one Eloysa Veber. But when she turned him down well, he married her sister, Constanza instead. Finally, there are many theories about how Mozart died. Some even claim rival composer Salieri murdered him, although it's probably far more likely he had a dodgy pork chop.